Brad Paisley’s “Selfie#Theinternetisforever” Video is an Epic Reminder

Brad Paisley

photo: Brad Paisley Facebook

Country music star Brad Paisley gives us the Public Service Announcement that many people really need to hear...

Country music entertainer Brad Paisley is taking a different approach ahead of the release of his latest album, Love And War. The West Virginia native will release a total of six music videos exclusively on Facebook as a countdown to the record’s April 21st album launch. The socially sourced videos come on the heels of the overwhelming success of Paisley’s 24th #1 hit “Today,” which garnered more than 42 million views following a Facebook premiere.

Watch the hilarious newly released video for “selfie#theinternetisforever” below!

As you can see, numerous photos from fans are included in the video which were submitted after Paisley posted a plea for them to send in their most embarrassing selfies.  Fans can continue to participate in the remaining socially sourced videos by watching for Paisley to issue a request on his Facebook page.

Paisley’s 11th studio album, Love And War, is available for pre-order now right here. Fans can also opt to pre-save the project on Spotify here.

As an added bonus, fans who pre-order will receive “Today” and two additional album cuts from the new album, “Heaven South” and “selfie#theinternetisforever” as instant grat tracks! “Heaven South,” written by Brad Paisley, Brent Anderson and Chris DuBois and “selfie#theinternetisforever,” written by Paisley, Jim Beavers and Chris DuBois, are two of the 15 tracks on Love And War, all of which Paisley co-wrote.

“Selfie#Theinternetisforever” Lyrics

Lets all sing together, the internet is forever!
Here we go!
The internet is forever!
(The internet is forever)

Your grandmother’s in an open casket
You’re in a suit and shades
You take your iPhone out and snap it, #sadday
You oughta be ashamed
Posing in the bathroom mirror, in a skimpy little two piece
In the background there’s a toddler, cryin’ on the toilet seat

You oughta be ashamed, of your selfie
Now why you gotta go and tweet it?
When you really oughta just delete it
Now we all want to unsee it but we can’t
You oughta be ashamed (but you’re not)

Spring Breakin’ in Daytona, in the middle of a keg stand
It’s all fun and games ’til your daddy follows you on instagram
You oughta be ashamed, of your selfie
You oughta take that stick and break it in half
Show a little sense, show a little class
You took it of your face but you know you’re really showing your ass

Go on and take one at the Grand Canyon
Or if you get to meet Ringo Starr
But if you’re texting some girl that you just met
Pictures of your little Brett Favre

You oughta be ashamed, of your selfie
You oughta be ashamed, of your selfie
Let’s all sing together, the internet is forever
Come on you oughta know better, the internet is forever
Making out with your professor, the internet is forever
Naked with an Irish sweater, the internet is forever
Smoking in your third trimester, the internet is forever
He said his name was Heather, the internet is forever
Can that T-Shirt get any wetter? the internet is forever
Where the hell you get that sweater? the internet is forever

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