Brad Paisley Reveals The Gender Of A Couple’s Baby Onstage

Brad Paisley Reveals The Gender Of A Couple’s Baby Onstage

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Why have a doctor tell you the gender of your baby when you can have Brad Paisley do it?

Brad Paisely took part in a unique fan moment during his appearance in St. Louis, Missouri on August 7th. The popular singer has been known to invite couples onstage for marriage proposals before, but this move took everyone by surprise— announcing the gender of a couples’s baby onstage!

The young couple had been holding a sign during the concert asking Paisley to reveal the gender of their child to them, and the country music star obliged.

Bringing them up onstage, Paisley held a sealed envelope that revealed the baby’s gender, and introduced the couple to the crowd.

Paisley asked the young couple if they had any kids, and they said that they had two daughters. “Place your bets!,” Paisley said to the crowd. When it was time to reveal the big news, Paisley said to the anxious audience and parents, “Wow, that is terrible writing. I’m not kidding,” But oh, wow, it’s a boy!”

Paisley took to Twitter later that night expressing how fun the reveal was for him.

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