Brad Paisley Relives the Famous 2014 CMA “Baby Gender Reveal”

Brad Paisley

photo: Sony Music Nashville

Brad Paisley revealed, during the live broadcast of the 2014 CMA Awards, that his pregnant co-host Carrie Underwood was expecting a boy.

Fans delighted yet again as Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley hosted the 2014 CMA Awards. The pair have hosted the awards show for 7 straight years, however the 2014 installment was a special one since Underwood was pregnant with her first child.

The audience got a special surprise when Brad Paisley “accidentally” revealed the gender of Underwood’s baby- it’s a boy!

photo: Wenn

Dropping the big news during the ceremony was an idea that started during one of Paisley and Underwood’s brainstorming sessions with CMA showrunners, after they all found out that Underwood wasn’t planning on keeping the baby’s gender a secret, Paisley tells Country Countdown USA.

“Somehow it came up, it was like, ‘We could reveal it on the show, if you’re gonna reveal it anyway,’” he says. “And she said OK.”

Underwood knew she was having a boy a couple weeks before the awards, and Paisley asked her to not tell anyone — not even him — until that night.

“So, we were standing in our places. They were about to say, ‘Please welcome your hosts,’ and [she] looks at me and goes, ‘Come here,’ and she goes, ‘It’s a boy!’” Paisley recalls. “And I said to her, ‘I know.’”

“I could tell when my kids came over, like in the last couple of meetings we had, here at the house,” Paisley explains. “My kids walked in, and just the way she acted and things she was saying.”

After Underwood whispered the gender in his ear on stage, he pretended that he wasn’t going to spill it, then dead-panned a few minutes later, while discussing Garth Brooks, “You could name him Garth!”

“I was gonna say, ‘We could name her Garthette!’ if it was a girl,” he says.

“Then the funny part was, people didn’t know if we were serious!” Paisley adds. “They were texting her publicist if it was true, and they didn’t know either! It was a great way to do it.”

Carrie Underwood‘s bundle of joy is due Spring of 2015.

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