Brad Paisley Makes a Fan’s Dream Come True!

Brad Paisley

photo: Sony Music Nashville

A young guitarist, Blaze, made known that he was a Brad Paisley fan and wanted to jam with him by creating a unique video and posting it to YouTube.

Nobody can say that Brad Paisley is too good to listen to his fans. Recently, a young guitarist named “Blaze” put it out there in the YouTube universe that he wanted to jam with Brad Paisley. The video that Blaze made went viral and got the attention of the country superstar.

After some communication, Paisley invited Blaze to come out to a Country Nation World Tour date to meet and play during sound check.

Not only did they jam at sound check but as a surprise Paisley also invited Blaze to come on stage and join him on Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Pride and Joy” and Joe Walsh’s “Rocky Mountain Way” as well as Paisley’s own hits “River Bank” and “Alcohol.”

Kudos to Brad for caring about and listening to his fans!

Blaze sits in with Brad Paisley in Colorado Springs:

Blaze’s Official Music Video for “I Wanna’ Jam with Brad Paisley“:

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