Blake Shelton to the Rescue!

Blake Shelton

photo: c/o Blake Shelton Website

Blake Shelton saves a group of men stuck in a river in Oklahoma.

Blake Shelton took a break from being a world-class country music singer to help a few guys out of trouble in his home-state of Oklahoma. The group of men were driving their truck by the Washita River in Ardmore. Shelton drove by with his dog Betty and noticed the group was stuck in a mud-hole, with no hope of getting out.

“We were at the river looking and slid off into a mud hole for about two hours,” Bryar Blanton told E! News.

“Then me and my buddy Adrian started walking and Blake Shelton stopped and asked if we needed some help.”

Shelton’s truck was unable to do the job, so he went to get his tractor to rescue the men from their predicament.

How’s that for country?!

“He said he’d be back in 15 minutes with his tractor. He came back and got us out and chatted for a minute and talked to us about hunting,” Blanton recalls. “Blake is an all around good caring guy.”

Shelton has played the part of rescuer in the past. During Tropical Storm Bill, earlier this year, Shelton helped a man tow his stalled truck up a hill and then gave him a ride home to his wife.

It seems Shelton just cruises around looking for folks in distress and people sure are grateful!

As for Shelton, he is dealing with his own intense situation as a coach on the popular singing reality show, The Voice. He will enter his 10th season in February and still admits to getting nervous.

“The [first live] episode and the finale are the two most nerve-wracking episodes for me every season, because you find out what your team is really made of as far as this kind of pressure,” he says.

“This is life, it’s raw, there’s no editing. And if you’re lucky enough to have someone in the finale, by then you’re attached and you’re so invested in that person, you really want them to win.”

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