Blake Shelton Discusses his Tiny Snake on ‘Ellen’ [Video]

blake shelton on ellen

photo: EllenTube

Ellen DeGeneres' reaction to the country star's "tiny snake" is priceless. Enjoy Blake Shelton keeping the audience entertained while on 'Ellen' here!

Blake Shelton is now a children’s book author. The country star and The Voice coach debuted his book titled “Blake and His Tiny, Little Snake” while visiting The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Chapter one. There once was a man named Blake. Blake was a very tall and handsome man. But Blake had a very tiny little snake,” Shelton read aloud to the audience.

Watch Ellen’s priceless reaction to Blake’s new project and below.

Okay, thankfully the book is a total fake— but the gifts Ellen and Blake gave out to the excited audience are totally real! Later in the episode Blake and Ellen invited two sisters to play a new game called “Wet Head”

Watch the hilarity ensue…

As can be expected, when Blake and Ellen get together— laughter is abundant.

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