Blake Shelton Gives Name to Gwen Stefani’s Pet Parrot

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

photo: Gwen Stefani Facebook Page

Country star Blake Shelton decided to name (girlfriend) Gwen Stefani's Pet Parrot.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship keeps evolving.   You know your relationship is entering the serious phase when your significant other names your pet parrot… this seems to be the case for couple of three years, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani! More here on the Blake’s name for Gwen’s pet she bought for her kids!

Gwen Stefani Parrot
photo: Fern/Splash News
 “I’ll Name The Dogs” singer took matters into his own hands and decided to name Gwen’s pet. “Actually I did name a dog. No I named a parrot,” Blake proudly told One Country. Though the country singer-songwriter professed in his song that he would name the dogs, he settled for a pet parrot and went with the not-so original name “Dodo.”

He may have admitted his pride for naming ‘Dodo’ but the Oklahoma native isn’t too fond of the parrot. “All it’s learned how to do is make the same sound that your shoes make when they squeak on the floor. The most annoying sound you’ve ever heard in your life,” Shelton complained.

Blake continued to tell One Country in his interview that sometimes when he’s alone in the house Gwen’s parrot will start chirping the “annoying sound” and Blake will think to himself “Oh who’s here?” Only to be disappointed when he realizes it’s just Dodo.

Maybe Blake and Gwen will have a dog he can name in the near future that isn’t as ‘annoying’ as Gwen’s parrot.

The country singer and pop superstar are both in full swing of their separate tours.  Check out upcoming Blake Shelton Tour dates for 2018 and see if Blake is performing at a location near you.

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