Blake Shelton Surprises Special 7-Year-Old Fan

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photo: Cure for Daisy Instagram

Country music phenom Blake Shelton met his #1 fan over the weekend! More on the adorable meet up here.

One of the coolest things about celebrity is being able to bring instant happiness to your loyal fans. Over the weekend, country star Blake Shelton got to meet up with 7-year-old Louisiana native Daisy Prescott at the Bayou Country Superfest and fulfill one of her big dreams. The youngster has a rare auto-immune disease called dermatomyositis which impacts connective tissue, causing skin irritation and muscle fatigue.

According to Daisy’s mother, Kristen Prescott, the little girl was nervous about meeting the country music star in person. She explains that she and Daisy were having a good time waiting backstage for the meet-and-greet, but the youngster got scared when it was time to be first in line and she began to melt down.

Luckily, Blake already expected Daisy to be at his show and at the meet-and-greet, so when she didn’t show up on time, he went looking for her! It didn’t take long for Shelton to find the young lady and make her day.

“Her face at first was horrified. Then, sobbing, she RUNS about 3 feet and slams into BS giving him a huuuuuge hug. And he melts! He held her, hugged her tight and kissed her head,” Daisy’s mother recalled via social media. “He bent down and kept on hugging saying, ‘Sweetie! I didn’t mean to make you cry!’”

It looks like Daisy recovered well after the initial shock!

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“He was trying to pronounce dermatomyositis and they were joking about The Voice and about his finger and how he does the finger pointing. She loves that,” Kristen shared about the encounter to Taste of Country.

We are thrilled Daisy and her mother got to have such an amazing experience with Shelton, even if it did come with a big case of nerves.

“We are fans for life & incredibly grateful for all the people who made this happen and were patient with us. Daisy manages to amaze me constantly,” Daisy’s grateful mother posted to Facebook.

Learn more about Daisy’s condition here and how to help. Be sure to share this sweet moment with other fans of the Oklahoman!

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