Blake Shelton and Apollo Rossdale (Best Bonding Moments Video)

Apollo Rossdale

photo: Artist Social Media

Watch how Apollo Rossdale has grown up for the past 5 years with Blake Shelton as a major part of his life...see their special bond here.

Blake Shelton and Apollo Rossdale (Gwen Stefani’s youngest son) have shared a bonus dad relationship for over five years that has created many special bonding moments.   Watch the video below to see Blake Shelton and Apollo’s relationship evolve since 2015 and see their close bond first hand.

Blake Shelton and Apollo Rossdale (Best Bonding Moments Video)

Apollo Rossdale is lucky to have Blake Shelton as a bonus dad.  Blake’s love of the outdoors and activities in Oklahoma have opened up a new world for Apollo. Apollo has been visiting Blake’s two homes in Oklahoma since he was just under 2 years old.  Blake’s 1,300 acre ranch has exposed Apollo to a range of outdoor activities including:  see white tail deer, elk, birds, wild boars, exploring bat caves, adventures in the woods, riding all terrain vehicles, sledding down hills, lighting bonfires, shooting off fireworks, and fishing in ponds, creeks and rivers.   Blake’s other house on Lake Texoma offers great swimming, lake fishing, jet ski adventures and boating.  Blake’s Lake House is just an hour drive from his 1,300 acre ranch home near Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

Blake has a close relationship with all 3 of Gwen Stefani’s boys.  Since he met Apollo at such a young age, he has developed a special bond with Apollo.  Watch the below video for a tour of Blake’s two Oklahoma properties and see why Gwen Stefani and her kids enjoy visiting Oklahoma.

Blake Shelton’s 2 homes:  Lake House and Ranch in Oklahoma

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