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Bill Anderson

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Watch Bill Anderson perform his Country Classic song "Still".

The Bill Anderson Still song was released in 1963 as a country music single that achieved number one on the country chart for seven weeks and also crossed over to hit number eight on the Pop music chart.  Watch the music video for “Still” and check out the lyrics below.

Bill Anderson Still Video

Bill Anderson Still Lyrics

(Still) though you broke my heart
(Still) though we’re far apart
(I love you still)
(Still) after all this time
(Still) you’re still on my mind
(I love you still)

SPOKEN: I’ve lost count of the hours and I’ve lost track of the days. In fact, I’ve lost
Just about everything since you went away. Everything, that is, except the mem’ries you
Left me. And that’s one thing that no one can mar. I don’t know who you’re with; I
Don’t even know where you’ve gone. My only hope is that some day you might hear this
Song and you’ll know that I wrote it especially for you. And I love you, wherever you

(Still) after all this time
(Still) you’re still on my mind
(I love you still)

SPOKEN: This flame in my heart is like an eternal fire, for every day it burns hotter and
Every day it burns higher. And I haven’t been able to put out one little flicker, not
Even with all of these tears. My friends think I’m crazy and maybe I am. But I’ll carry
This torch just as long as I can, for some day, you might just decide to come home and I
Want you to know I’m still here.

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