Big Smo’s Country Rap Song “Workin'” featuring Alexander King (Music Video and Lyrics)

Big Smo’s Country Rap Song “Workin'” featuring Alexander King (Music Video and Lyrics)

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Big Smo's Country Rap Song Workin' made it to three Billboard music charts.

John Lee Smith (born February 14, 1976) is known by his stage name Big Smo.  He is an American country rap musician, songwriter, producer, and film director.   Big Smo is one of the top Country Rappers and was an early hick hop artist that has done a lot of work for the Country Rap genre.  His latest album, Kuntry Livin’, peaked at #3 on the US Rap Charts in 2014 when it was first released.  Watch the official music video for “Workin'” and check out the lyrics below:

Workin’ Lyrics:

[Chorus: Big Smo & Alexander King]
I woke up this mornin’, tied my boots up
Cause I knew it’s goin’ to be a long day
Fired my truck up, grabbed my coffee
Kissed my baby, got on my way
Cause I’m workin’ ’til it’s hurtin’
That’s the only way to make an honest day’s pay
So I’m workin’ even when it’s hurtin’
That’s the only way to make an honest day’s wage

[Verse 1: Big Smo]
Yeah, I’m up early with the birdies, ready to get dirty
This ain’t a song for you if you asleep at 7:30
I rise like the sun; I’m the bag of the pounds
A full throttle in the bottle like that home-made shine

I’m just tryin’ to make a livin’, boss man trippin’
My overtime’s strong; I don’t pay him no attention
Money in the mason jar, country boy pension
No lady, three kids, take a lot to fill the kitchen

Fingernails dirty, my back stay hurtin’
You can bet I got to play for every penny that I’m earnin’
I ain’t askin’ for a raise, but I know the boss heard me
Nobody on this job site’s workin’ like I’m workin’

[Pre-Chorus: Big Smo]
Thirty below to a hundred degrees
You ain’t pushin’ hard enough if your hands don’t bleed
I’m the first to clock in and the last to leave
I ain’t never had a problem rollin’ up my sleeves


[Verse 2: Big Smo]
I’m out the door by the sun up, focused on the come-up
We never sleep in, that ain’t how we was brought up
I push it to the limit when the money gets low
And been known to work past when the plant whistle blows

Pay check feelin’ like a lottery ticket
I might save a couple bucks if my kids don’t spend it
It don’t matter cause I love it every day of my life
Spent more time on the clock than I do with my wife

State to state, never late, puttin’ miles on the road
Drop it off, fill it up, get me to my next load
Call my old lady, let her know I’ll be late
And I ain’t worry cause I know that she goin’ to save me a plate

I told you…



[Bridge: Big Smo & Alexander King]
Workin’, workin’

Workin’, workin’


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