Barbara Mandrell’s Former Estate is Now a Tourist Hot Spot [Pics]

barbara mandrell estate

photo: Barbara Mandrell Website/ Fontanel Instagram

Country music legend Barbara Mandrell's former estate has been transformed into a dream retreat for country music fans. Check it out here!

Tennessee is the epicenter of tourism when it comes to the country music genre and its rich history. With so many past and present country music artists calling The Volunteer State home, it’s easy to see why country music fanatics flock to the region. One location that has become a favorite destination for sightseers is Barbara Mandrell‘s Fontanel Mansion and Farm.

The mansion, which was completed in 1987, comes in at three stories tall and features over 27,000 square feet of space. Investors Dale Morris and Marc Oswald bought the property when the Mandrell family moved away in 2002. The home began to gain fame as a premier Nashville attraction in 2010 after renovations transformed the estate into a dazzling Tennessee establishment.

Mandrell’s former retreat is located in Whites Creek, Tennessee, and features a hotel, the Natchez Hill Winery, and the Fontanel Records music venue. Interestingly enough, the country star dubbed the mansion “Fontanel” after the name for the soft spot located on top of a baby’s head because she believed this home to be a “soft spot” for her family. Suitably, Mandrell’s daughter, Jamie, is now the director of hospitality at the newly transformed property.

Take a tour of the breathtaking estate below!

The Mansion’s Formal Dining Room 

The Mansion at Fontanel's formal dining room is the perfect spot for private, intimate dinners. For more information on booking your private event, visit #Fontanel #PrivateEvents #MansionAtFontanel

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The New Cafe Fontanella 

Cafe renovations are DONE! Stop by today to see our new look!

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Zipline Tours Sweep You Through the Wooded Area 

Take a Hike Through These Public Trails 

Just a Little Peek at the Picture-Perfect Inn

A Snowy View of Fontanel Mansion

Throwback Thursday! Who’s excited for snow?!

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The Impressive Outdoor Live Music Venue

Another Cool Outdoor Hangout

As you can see, the property is surrounded by an abundance of scenery and offers up plenty of activities that should please any visitor.

While this venue offers an abundance of fun and entertainment, it also offers a huge amount of country music history. Mandrell family memorabilia lines the walls of the mansion and feature artists such as the Eagles, Buck Owens and Alabama, you know, just in case you didn’t think this estate was already incredible enough.

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