Chris Stapleton Encounters ‘Bacon Chris Stapleton’

chris stapleton

photo: Facebook

Bacon Chris Stapleton would probably go well with Tennessee whiskey. Just sayin.'

When “Fire Away” singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton arrived in St. Louis, Missouri to perform at LouFest over the weekend, he was greeted by a statue of himself made of bacon. The work of foodie art was commissioned by Farmland— a Midwest-based meat product producer.

During the event, fans were allowed to take pictures with the bacon statue and were challenged to guess how many strips it took to create it. The fan who guessed correctly would win a year’s worth of free Farmland bacon. Now that’s a prize you can sink your teeth into…

Stapleton seemed to get a kick out of his odd likeness, posting a photo of himself next to the sculpture via Instagram with the caption “I look delicious.”

I look delicious

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Yes, Chris, no truer words have ever been spoken. Be sure to share this with other Stapleton fans!

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