America is a Country Music Nation

Brad Paisley Country Nation

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Brad Paisley released "Country Nation" as a tribute to America being a Country Music Nation.

With over 100 million country music fans and more than 2,000 Country Music Radio stations, America is a Country Music Nation.  Country Singer Brad Paisley pays tribute to the Country influences of America in his song “Country Nation”.  Watch the music video and check out the lyrics below.

Brad Paisley Country Nation Official Music Video

Brad Paisley co-wrote Country Nation with Chris DuBois and Kelley Lovelace.

Country Nation Lyrics

We work in the factories and the fields
Assembly lines, the coal mines
And the steel mills
That’s what we do but there’s more to us than that
If you wanna know who we are
It’s on the logos of our caps

We’re Mountaineers, we’re Volunteers
We’re the Tide that rolls, we’re Seminoles
We’re a herd of Longhorn steer
We drive Ford and Chevrolet
Cheer 24 and 88
We crank up our music Friday nights
On two thousand country stations
Yeah, we’re one big country nation, that’s right

We might fix your water pump or your AC
Bring your apple pie and fill your glass of tea
We’ll take that FedEx package to your door
But underneath that apron or that uniform

We’re Wildcats, we’re Wolverines
We’re Tigers, Buckeyes, Bruins
Bulldogs, Hogs and Hurricanes
We pray before we race
Cheer 14 and 48
And we drink ice-cold beer on Friday nights
Yeah, we’re one big country nation, that’s right

We’re all across the map, down city streets and old dirt roads
We’re the fabric of this nation
And we’re a nation all our own

We’re Mountaineers, we’re Volunteers
Blue Devils, Heels and Rebels
Fighting Irish and Cavaliers
We soup up our Chevrolets
Cheer 24 and 88
We crank up the same songs Friday night
On two thousand country stations
Yeah, we’re one big country nation, that’s right

“Country Nation” was released in 2015 on Brad’s 10th studio album “Moonshine in the Trunk”.

Moonshine in the Trunk
photo: YouTube
Brad is currently on his Weekend Warrior World Tour and visiting several American cities in July through August of 2017.  Special guests on the tour include chart-topping country star Dustin Lynch, hit-maker Chase Bryant and rising star Lindsay Ell.

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