Adam Wakefield Talks Blake Shelton, Life After ‘The Voice,’ & More


photo: c/o Adam Wakefield

Country music standout Adam Wakefield is tearing it up in Nashville and has his sights set high. Enjoy Country Fancast's exclusive interview here!

Rising country music star and The Voice Season 10 alum Adam Wakefield is certainly putting in the work as he launches his solo career! His latest tune “Blame It On Me” became available digitally in late March. If you enjoy powerful and soulful music with a bluesy edge— “Blame It On Me” is right up your alley.

Give “Blame It On Me” a listen and download the song here.

Country Fancast recently caught up with Adam to ask him a series of burning questions. Enjoy the emerging artist’s insightful responses below!

1) Country Fancast: Okay, we promise not to ask you too much about your time on NBC’s ​The Voice, but we have to know​— Does Blake Shelton possess a serious side or is he always a goofball?

Adam Wakefield: “Everyone talks about how funny and ‘down to earth’ Blake Shelton is but first and foremost he is a music guy. He takes it very seriously and knows more country songs than anyone I know. That dude has done his homework and when it came time to pick songs for my finale it was 100% business.”

 2) CF: What went through your head while performing “Willin’” with Alison Krauss on ​The Voice

AW: “Honestly, that song has always very dear to my heart and all I could think about was all the guys (including my brother) I had sang that song with over the years. It was a nice moment.”

3) CF: Since ​The Voice officially wrapped on May 24, 2016, how has your music career trajectory changed due to the show?

AW: “I never really had aspirations of being an ‘artist’ before I did the show. I was content living in Nashville, writing, and playing for other folks. So I guess you could say the show was the catalyst for me to finally accept that I had to give the artist thing a shot.”

4) CF: How would you describe your upcoming EP to your current fans and those just discovering your artistry?

AW: “It’s an eclectic group of songs for sure. I would say the format is country but I pull from a lot of different genres and influences. The band is SO GOOD so at the end of the day I guess I’d just say it rocks, hard.”

5) CF: Was your recently released song “Blame It On Me” inspired by an impactful personal experience?

AW: “I didn’t write it but I definitely relate to it – I think everyone who has been in a relationship will be able to. There are several different ways it can be interpreted and I love that slant on the song. I’m definitely all over it production and arranging wise as well and although I didn’t write it, I definitely made it my own.”

6) CF: Being a musical chameleon, which artists— past and present— have influenced you the most?

AW: “Ray Charles first and foremost. I always idolized him (sometimes to my detriment). Songwriting wise I’ve always loved John Prine, Jamey Johnson, Stevie Wonder. I’ve always had an inclination towards the writers that delve into the grey areas of life.”

7) CF: Give it to us straight, do you have any ‘guilty pleasure’ artists on your go-to playlist that may surprise people?

AW: “I LOVE Justin Bieber’s new album. I listened to it a lot when it came out. I also like old Ricky Martin stuff to. The pre-English stuff is groovin’.”

8) CF: Where is your favorite place to get creative and dive into songwriting?

AW: “It doesn’t really happen like that for me. I write when something hits me. My favorite is when I get an idea so good I drop everything I’m doing and wherever I am jump right into something. Most of the times those are the ones that write themselves in about 20 minutes.”

9) CF: What advice would you give other musicians looking to make their presence known in Nashville? 

AW: “Practice, practice, practice. If you’ve done your homework it will show and this town will nurture you. I feel like most folks here who are bitter about their careers just didn’t put the time in.”

10) CF: Where do you hope to be career-wise within the next five years?

AW: “Making a living playing MY music. That’s all you can really ask for as an artist.”

11) CF: Where can fans catch you performing live this year? Any tour plans coming up?

AW: “I play in Nashville a lot and we have lots of dates coming in for this spring/summer. Just keep an eye on the website.”

12) CF: Okay, last question. This one is super serious, we’re warning you. Your facial hair — Are you planning to go full ‘Chris Stapleton’ with that beard?

AW: “That’s funny you ask. I actually cut the beard way down before I did The Voice because I was trying not to emulate him too much. I had a massive beard for while but honestly, I looked homeless and 20 years older so it had to go.”

We can’t wait to see and hear more from Adam Wakefield in the near future! Be sure to share this with other fans of this exciting country artist.

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