Kimberly Schlapman Debuts ‘A Dolly for Christmas’ Children’s Book

A Dolly for Christmas

photo: Kimberly Schlapman

Little Big Town star Kimberly Schlapman's new 'A Dolly for Christmas' children's book was inspired by her daughters! More here.

Little Big Town star Kimberly Schlapman has released the perfect heartwarming book ahead of the holidays! A Dolly for Christmas: The True Story of a Family’s Christmas Miracle was penned by the country music artist and illustrated by Morgan Huff.

The book celebrates the season’s themes of hope, love, and family as it explores a family’s adoption process. Inspired by the Schlapman family’s struggle to have a second child and how the family ultimately decided to adopt, A Dolly for Christmas delves into how Schlapman’s daughter Daisy wrote letters to Santa Claus about her desire for a sibling.

A Dolly For Christmas – Daisy, Kimberly, & Dolly

In the story, all Daisy wants for Christmas is a little brother or sister. Her parents have tried everything to make her dream come true, but nothing is working. So Daisy takes matters into her own hands, praying every day and writing a letter to Santa Claus about her one and only wish. Daisy’s parents are touched by her strong belief and grateful for her help, but as they explain, sometimes you have to wait. God will give you the perfect gift when the time is right. In this heartwarming holiday tale, Kimberly shares the true story of the Christmas when her family became whole.

The Little Big Town star hopes the story will inspire other families to maintain their faith, especially when facing infertility issues. The book is also a tribute to her daughters’ love for each other. As fans may recall, Kimberly and husband Stephen Schlapman announced their adoption of Dolly in January 2017!

A Dolly For Christmas – Daisy, Kimberly, & Dolly

Kimberly Schlapman is also the author of Oh Gussie!: Cooking and Visiting in Kimberly’s Southern Kitchen. A Dolly for Christmas is her debut children’s book. Share this news with other country music fans!

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