5 Ways to Help Keep Joey Feek’s Memory Alive & Help Her Family

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After Joey Feek's passing on March 4th many of us are wondering how we can help out her family and friends.

Rory Feek has been faithfully sharing the roller coaster journey he and his family have been enduring over the last few years through his blog, This Life I LiveThe blog has been an emotional outlet for Rory as he and his family have stood beside Joey Feek through her heartbreaking battle with cervical cancer. We all feel a deep emotional connection with Rory as he has held nothing back in his online writing and has always been generous in giving us a view of the Feek family’s amazing strength and faith.

Many of us wonder what we can do to help out Rory and 2-year-old Indiana as they enter a new chapter of their lives without Joey. We’ve assembled a few ideas below to give support to the family and honor Joey’s legacy.

Idea #1- Buy Joey + Rory‘s Latest Album 

Hymns That Are Important To Us features 13 tracks sung by the duo. Rory expressed the financial aspect of the album’s success in a past blog post.

“Our manager Aaron called us yesterday morning and told us that lots of folks have been buying our new Hymns album and that stores across the country have had a hard time keeping them in stock since they went on sale earlier this week… When we hung up, Joey and I sat there holding hands… knowing that in time those sales could turn into some income for our family and that could really help, now that there are no more concerts or income from shows. We talked about what a blessing it was, and then she looked at me very seriously and said, “I need you to do something for me…”. I told her I would be glad to. Then with all the sincerity in the world, she said, “I need you to be generous… God has blessed us so much. We need to bless others’.

If you purchase the CD via Cracker Barrel, the chain will donate a dollar from each sale of the deluxe edition to support the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation, a nonprofit Joey Feek selected because the disorder affects daughter Indiana’s best friend and neighbor, Scout. More about the fantastic organization below.

Idea #2- Donate or Get Involved with the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation

This foundation held a special place in Joey Feek‘s heart and would honor her memory in a big way. Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) is a genetic disorder of connective tissue that was identified and named in 2005. You can learn more about the condition and how to help right here.

…reunited. Indy’s happy to see her best friend Scout (and Scouty’s little brother Ash).

Posted by Joey+Rory on Sunday, March 6, 2016

Idea # 3- Buy Rory’s Book When it Gets Published

In a recent interview with People, Rory Feek expressed that he plans to write and publish a book about his beloved wife’s amazing 40 years of life. Rory knows that Joey would not only approve, but would encourage him to take on the project.

“She talked to me about how she wants me to continue to tell our story, and other stories…this past spring I co-wrote and directed my first film, and she wants me to go on and continue writing and making more movies,” Rory stated.

Needless to say, this book would be truly inspiring and we already know how well Rory can express himself through songwriting and prose. Though Rory has said that he will no longer sing or perform, we would love to see him continue to apply his talent to songwriting, penning books, and making movies.

Idea #4- Send a Donation to the Feek Family Directly

According to Joey+Rory‘s rep, in lieu of flowers a donation can be sent to Rory and Indy at PO Box 5471, Vancouver, WA 98668. Goodness knows how out of hand medial bills and related expenses can get.

Idea #5- Pray and Lend Your Continued Support

Keep Rory, Indy, Heidi, Hopie, and the rest of the Martin-Feek clan in your thoughts and prayers. The whole family has created a united front of love, faith, and grace during this extremely difficult time in their lives. We all can show this family kindness and compassion through many different avenues.

Even just doing a small good deed for another person is a wonderful way to honor Joey Feek‘s memory. We all know how passionate she was about spreading blessings to others. That’s something each of us can accomplish.

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