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devin dawson facts

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Devin Dawson has been making and covering music for years, but still manages to fly under the radar. Learn more about Devin Dawson below!

Want to get to know “Asking For A Friend” singer Devin Dawson? Play a little trivia below to see how well you already know him. The first bunch are basic “icebreaker” questions, but the last few dive into some deeper topics. Let’s jump right in!

1. Where is Devin Dawson from?

Devin Dawson was born in Orangevale, California. Despite being born in Northern California, country runs deep in Dawson’s veins.

2. How old is Devin Dawson?

Devin Dawson will turn 30-years-old on January 30, 2019. The future is bright for such a young artist!

3. How did Devin Dawson get famous?

Devin Dawson got famous after filming mashup videos of him singing Taylor Swift songs on his friend’s Youtube channel.

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4. What was his debut single?

Devin Dawson’s debut single was “All on Me.”

5. To what record label is he currently signed?

Devin Dawson signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2017!

6. Which popular country couple did Dawson tour alongside last summer?

Devin Dawson spent a good portion of his summer serving as an opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul Tour.

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Sorry if I’m a couple days behind, but it took some time to process just how meaningful this past month has been to me. We played our first ever show w @TheTimMcGraw & @FaithHill on the #Soul2Soul tour last summer starting in my hometown of Sacramento, CA. This year we ended the final show of this summer #Soul2Soul tour in Sacramento as well. What a huge full-circle moment. You can’t plan that shit! I’ve learned so much from these superstars & their band and crew … on & off the stage. We all made memories that we’ll never forget. That’s how touring SHOULD be. This has truly been the best summer of my life. Thank you Tim & Faith for treating me & mine like family. I love Country Music!! 📷 – @tylerjconrad

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7. Was country the first genre Devin Dawson attempted?

Dawson and his twin brother, Jacob, began their careers in a death metal band!

“We were literally playing heavy metal, screaming, super-fast, technical death metal,” Dawson told People. “We would do what I call slum touring — $150 a night, 13-hour drives, sleeping in a van with a bunch of dudes kind of thing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world — it helped me find my perspective — but I grew up listening to country, and that’s how I learned how to write songs. I had always done that on the side, just to please my own heart and mind, and eventually that took over more of my heart than the band.”

8. Who does Dawson credit as his music inspiration?

There’s more than one correct answer to this question. Legendary country artist Johnny Cash is among the “three Johns” that Dawson credits for inspiring him to becoming a recording artist. The other two are John Fogerty and John Mayer.

9. Where did Devin Dawson attend college?

Devin Dawson attended Belmont University. Although they did not start dating until earlier this year, the “All on Me” singer met his current girlfriend in college.

“It’s crazy how sometimes when you put something into the universe, it comes back,” Dawson said. “I’ve been lucky to find love, and it’s cool to hear these songs in a different light having somebody else to share it with instead of putting myself in somebody else’s shoes.”

10. How does the country singer cope with heartbreak?

By writing a song. “I know that’s why I started writing songs in the first place,” Dawson said in an interview with Taste of Country. “I got my heart broken, and I did not understand it. There was no communication. It just kinda happened, and it was my first heartbreak. I started doing crazy things, but you go through these things and you learn. For me, that drew me to writing lyrics. I needed an outlet to express or make sense of what I was feeling.”

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