Who Is Michael Ray?

Who Is Michael Ray?

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We all know Michael Ray as the singer of "Kiss You In The Morning" but there are many things we don't know about Michael.

Here are a few things to know about the 28-year-old country singer.

1. He looks up to his dad more than anyone

Michael Ray says his dad knows everything there is to know about pop culture. He says, “It’s funny because my dad is this big, tatted up biker guy with gaged ears and everything. He’s the last guy you would think would know where George Clooney is right now.”

2. He just got a new tour bus

He has been traveling in a van for about eight years across the US, traveling over 70,000 miles in six months. According the Ray, the van smelled like Chili’s. He says, “My bass player used to work at Chili’s and when they were renovating Chili’s, we took some cushions and then took the back bench out of the van and stacked four cushion down so two people can lay on them.” Now he’s got a tour bus of his own.

3. He’s got a “rocker” exterior, but deep down he’s hard core country

Even though Michael has the rocker look, his heart is all for country music. He loves the real country stories songs tell and some people are even surprised when he says he is a country singer. Looks can be deceiving. He says, “I love the history of it and the men and women who paved the way for us to do what I’m doing now.”

4. Even though he is a country singer, he loves everything

His dad got him hooked on Randy Travis, but he also loved listening to Keith Whitley, Tom Petty, Skynyrd, and ZZ Top while his mom listened to Boyz II Men and Michael Bolton. He says, “I grew up with a very broad realm of music.”

5. He fits in with an older crowd

He played in a band with his grandpa and spent so much time with him that his grandpa’s friends were also his friends. He says, “My 16th-birthday party was me, three friends my age and a whole bunch of senior citizens because that’s who I hung out with on the weekends.”

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