Top 5 Country Songs About AMERICA! [VIDEO]

Toby Keith with Top 5 songs about America

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Country Fancast wants to wish you a Happy 4th of July this year with the top 5 country songs about our wonderful country!

It’s July 4th, 2017 and that can only mean one thing…it’s time to get excited about AMERICA! No other genre of music pays tribute to the red, white, and blue like country music does.

There is no shortage of songs from artists like Toby Keith and Martina McBride that will get you in the patriotic mood. It was hard to choose, but we were able to put together the top 5 songs for your 4th of July playlist!

1. Toby Keith: “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American)”

My daddy served in the army
Where he lost his right eye but he flew a flag out in our yard
Until the day that he died
He wanted my mother, my brother, my sister and me
To grow up and live happy
In the land of the free

2. Martina McBride: “Independence Day”

Let freedom ring, let the white dove sing
Let the whole world know that today
Is a day of reckoning.
Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay
It’s Independence Day.

3. Kenny Chesney: “American Kids”

We were Jesus save me, blue jean baby
Born in the USA
Trailer park truck stop, faded little map dots
New York to LA
We were teenage dreamin’, front seat leanin’
Baby, come give me a kiss
Put me on the cover of the Rolling Stone
Uptown down home American kids

4. Carrie Underwood: “All-American Girl”

And now he’s wrapped around her finger,
She’s the center of his whole world.
And his heart belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American girl.

5. Lee Greenwood: “God Bless the U.S.A.”

And I’m proud to be an American
Where at least I know I’m free
And I won’t forget the men who died
Who gave that right to me


If you need more songs for your 4th of July BBQ just check out the great playlist below!

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