Tim McGraw Talks Difficult Childhood’s Impact

tim mcgraw childhood

photo: D. Petty/ Tim McGraw Facebook

Country music superstar Tim McGraw's childhood certainly wasn't a fairy tale, but he didn't let the bad parts bring him down. More here.

While promoting his latest film “The Shack,” country music star Tim McGraw opened up to The Washington Times about how his tough childhood molded him into the family-focused man he is today.

“I have always been very family-oriented,” McGraw told the outlet. “I came from a dysfunctional, broken family growing up, and it’s probably instilled in me the need and the want to have a strong family and a great foundation. So, I think that is something that I naturally gravitate toward.”

Tim was raised in Louisiana by mother Elizabeth “Betty” D’Agostino (pictured below) and grew up believing his stepfather, Horace Smith, was his biological father. When he was just 11-years-old, the future star discovered that professional baseball player Frank “Tug” McGraw was his actual father after stumbling upon his birth certificate.

tim mcgraw mother
photo: c/o Tim McGraw Facebook

Below is a snapshot of young Tim meeting his father Tug McGraw for the first time. Sadly, Tug didn’t admit his paternity until Tim turned 18-years-old and their physical resemblance was undeniable. Eventually Tim and Tug did form a close relationship before Tug’s death in 2004.

tim mcgraw childhood
photo: c/o Tim McGraw Facebook

Though life with wife Faith Hill and their three daughters is a picture of domestic bliss, the comforting stability doesn’t keep Tim from working on himself.

“The older you get, you always learn more. Sometimes it’s a process of learning about yourself and what your journey is. Sometimes the process moves forward at a rapid pace in a short amount of time — or moves backward. And you’re like, ‘Man, I thought I had made so much progress, and now all of a sudden, I’m 10 steps further behind than when I started.’”

The country musician and actor believes that life’s struggles are what prompts you to grow the most.

I don’t think you learn as much about yourself when you are moving forwards as when you have fallen backwards,” he continued. “That’s when you really learn who you are. And reach for the things that have propelled you forward and made you a better person.”

Samuel Smith aka Tim McGraw has certainly gained valuable wisdom over his nearly 50 years on this earth.

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