“Please Come Home For Christmas” by Martina McBride

Please Come Home For Christmas by Martina McBride

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This song has been covered numerous times by many different artists. But here we bring you "Please Come Home For Christmas" by Martina McBride.

“Please Come Home For Christmas”

Bells will be ringing this sad sad news
Oh what a Christmas to have the blues
My baby’s gone I have no friends
To wish me greetings once again
Choirs will be singing “Silent Night”
Christmas carols by candlelight
Please come home for Christmas
Please come home for Christmas
If not for Christmas by New Years night
Friends and relations send salutations
Sure as the stars shine above
But this is Christmas yes Christmas my dear
The time of year to be with the ones you love
So won’t you tell me you’ll never more roam
Christmas and new Years will find you home
There’ll be no more sorrow no grief and pain
And I’ll be happy, happy once again
Oh there’ll be no more sorrow, no grief and pain
And I’ll be happy, Christmas once again

This version of the song came of the A Very Special Christmas 25th Anniversary album. These albums have benefited the special olympics since 1987.

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