Parmalee – Already Callin’ You Mine [Video & Lyrics]

Released as the fourth single from Parmalee's album, Feels Like Carolina, the upbeat song Callin' You Mine, brings back the band's rock country roots. Written by Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Barry Knox, Phil O'Donnell, and Wade Kirby, "Already Callin' You Mine" has peaked at the 13th place US Country Airplay Charts as of November, 2015.


(Matt Thomas, Scott Thomas, Barry Knox, Phil O’Donnell, Wade Kirby)

I barely know you
You barely know me
We ain’t but two slow dances into this thing
Come on let’s sit down
I’ll order us a round
I wanna know everything

Girl where’s your hometown
Are those your mama’s eyes
What are you doing for the rest of your life


‘Cause I’m already thinkin’ bout
You and Me getting outta here
And taking a drive
Just slide a little closer
Put your head on my shoulder
Like this ain’t our first time
Girl don’t worry ‘bout holdin’ on tight
‘Cause I’m already callin’
I’m already callin’ you mine
Whoa, whoa

I know that there’s a chance
I’m thinking too fast, tell me tell me am I right
Or am I reading this wrong
They’ll play the last song, the lights will come on
That don’t mean we can’t take the long way home, home, home


If you like the way that sounds
We can leave this place right now, right now


These guys do have a sense of humor:

Having a little boardwalk fun in Santa Cruz today!!!!

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