Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer Bryan Love Trivia

luke bryan and caroline boyer bryan

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Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer Bryan's love story goes back to the 90's...

This attractive pair are certainly fixtures at every country music event, but how much do you really know about Luke Bryan and his wife of nearly ten years Caroline Boyer Bryan? Build your knowledge with a little Q&A session below!

Q: Where did Luke and Caroline first meet while in college?
A: At a local bar called Dingus Magee’s near Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA during the fall of 1998.

Q: What feature first attracted Luke to Caroline?
A: Her bright blue eyes.

Q: What does birthday tradition does Caroline keep up for Luke?
A: Surprising him with a custom cake— usually touting a humorous twist.

Q: Which track is Luke Bryan’s first love song for his wife?
A: “To the Moon and Back”

Q: Where will you never find Caroline?
A: On a hunting trip with Luke.

Q: How many biological children do Luke and Caroline have?
A: 2, Thomas Boyer Bryan “Bo” and Tatum Christopher Bryan “Tate.”

Q: Which Luke Bryan song was inspired by Caroline?
A: “Sorority Girl,” she’s an alum of Alpha Delta Pi.

Q: What valuable trait does Caroline possess that helps Luke be successful?
A: A level-headed and stable nature.

Q: Why wasn’t Luke the type of guy Caroline would normally date?
A: He was a singer.

Q: Where do Luke and Caroline go on dates?
A: The local movie theater.

Now you’re an expert on Luke and Caroline’s love story!!!

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