Kenny Chesney is Up to Something and Has Us All Guessing…

Kenny Chesney

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What does Kenny Chesney have in store for us?

Kenny Chesney is toying with our emotions by leaving little static-infused tidbits of info on his social media channels and his website.

3.24.16 / 3:45pm CT3.24.16 / 3:45pm CT

Posted by Kenny Chesney on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We assume this messaging relates to his next record— but no one is 100% sure. At least he was kind enough to give us a very specific date and time.

Ahhhh. What on earth does his cryptic message, “We didn’t turn it on, but we can’t turn it off” mean? According to Entertainment Weekly, Chesney has returned to the studio and is busy flexing his creative muscle.

“You have to take time to live and breathe, to fill up your tanks to be creative,” the talented singer said of his process in a press release. “Otherwise, you’re just on a treadmill churning out what you’ve already done.”

Chesney’s goal for his latest recordings is to keep his material fresh and original. “When we came off the road and I listened back to The Big Revival, all I could think was, ‘Man, we covered a lot of ground, went pretty cool, as well as new places musically. I knew we couldn’t repeat, but I also wanted to find new ways and new things to record.”

Hopefully Kenny’s mysterious messages means that he’ll be gifting up with a new album release this spring. Pretty please. Enjoy more Kenny Chesney updates by clicking the button below.


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