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Think you know everything about Johnny Cash? Well, let's see about that...

Interesting Johnny Cash Knowledge

The name Johnny Cash conjures up a lot of images in one’s mind— the man in black, a rebel voice, an outlaw embedded in the Nashville establishment, activist, actor, folk hero…

Johnny Cash has come to represent the essence of classic country music and his influence remains strong even after his death in 2003. His deep, soulful voice and ability to blend hillbilly mountain music with gospel and blues made him a legend. “The Man In Black” spent his long career evolving and reinventing himself with no regard for the rules of traditional country music.

His wild streak and music peppered with themes of grief, reflection, and salvation allowed for Johnny Cash to transcend the narrow confines of classic country music and become one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.

Think your knowledge of the enigmatic entertainer is untouchable? Put yourself to the test…


1) Johnny Cash was a member of which branch of the United States military?

2) What was Johnny Cash’s heritage?

3) Which other ‘outlaw’ did Johnny Cash share an apartment with temporarily?

4) Where did he experience a spiritual epiphany?

5) What was Johnny’s first job?

6) He was influenced at an early age by what type of traditional music?

7) Johnny Cash is said to be the only person ever sued by the government for…

8) Why did Johnny Cash wear black?

9) After his death in 2003, who bought Cash’s Hendersonville, TN home?

10) Despite Johnny Cash’s outlaw image, he never…

View the answers after the live performance of “Folsom Prison Blues” below.


1) United States Air Force

2) Scottish and English

3) Waylon Jennings

4) in a cave

5) Waterboy

6) Irish Music

7) starting a forest fire

8) to remember the less fortunate

9) Bee Gees vocalist Barry Gibbs

10) served a prison term

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