Country Artists Birthday: Week Of December 7

Break Up In A Small Town by Sam Hunt

photo: YouTube

Find out which of your favorite artists have birthdays this week. Who knows, you might even share a birthday with them.

Let’s all take a look at which of our favorite country artists have birthdays this week. We have great group of artists with a real popular artists right now in country music in the mix. We also have an artist whose song is still being played in its original form on the airwaves today. Check them all out.



Sunny Sweeney

December 7, 1986
Sunny Sweeney who has always done well on the Texas Charts is currently on tour with her friend Brennen Leigh. The duo are have been collaborating for years and have turned out a great hit “But You Like Country Music”. Check out an acoustic performance of the song below. Sunny turns 39 this year.


Sam Hunt

December 8, 1984
Break Up In A Small Town is climbing the country charts and so is Sam Hunt. The artist is really making a name for himself in Country Music. Sam turns 31 this year.


Marty Raybon

December 8, 1959
Marty Raybon is said to have always captured the soul of country in his music. He is currently out on tour, and will be celebrating his 56th birthday. Let’s check out one of his tracks “I’ve Seen What He Can Do”.


Brenda Lee

December 11, 1944
Brenda Lee was a big hit in the 1960s and probably best known for the song “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” which is featured below. Yes! That song of hers is still being played today and we will most likely be hearing it soon as the holiday season is upon us. Brenda turns 71 this year.


Did you enjoy that list? Anyone share your birthday? Let us know in the comments below and check out other great articles here on Country Fancast.

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