Carrie Underwood Knew “Something In The Water” Would Be Successful

Carrie Underwood

photo: Sony Music Nashville

According to a report from KTIC Radio, Carrie Underwood told the news outfit that she expected the success of her current hit single "Something In The Water".

Carrie Underwood is enjoying the well-deserved success of her latest single, “Something in the Water.” She co-wrote the song with some of her long-time collaborators, and Carrie had a good feeling about “Something in the Water” from the very beginning, which might have had something to do with “mother’s intuition”.

“I knew while we were writing ‘Something in the Water’ that we really had something special,” the pregnant Carrie Underwood narrated.

“This was one that as it was happening, I was recording stuff on my phone. Like, ‘Oh, my gosh.’ Like, ‘Let’s do it again. I can make that better. We can do this better.”

Carrie then when on to share how the writers’ room felt different the day they came up with “Something In The Water.”

Carrie Underwood also said she got more and more excited to record the final cut following their demo recordings.

“We knew it was special, for sure,” Carrie Underwood said. The chart-topper is part of her latest album Greatest Hits: Decade #1.

Earlier, news from Breitbart reported how she gushed about the meaning behind the song.

“‘Something in the Water’ is so inspirational,” she shared.

“It’s joyous! I can’t help but smile when I hear it. I hope it has the same effect on everyone who listens to it.”

“It’s an uplifting song about changing your life and having that ‘aha moment’ to waking up and your life being different from that moment forward,” Carrie Underwood said.

Whether it was intuition or experience, Carrie was right about “Something In The Water” being a huge success. As of Jan 5th, the song has been on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart for 14 weeks and moved up from the No. 3 spot to be No. 1.

“Something in the Water” is also No. 1 on the Billboard “Country Digital Songs” chart, which it’s been on for 13 weeks.

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