Dierks Bentley’s First Country Music Hit

Which Dierks Bentley song became his first major hit to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list? You are correct if you guessed "What Was I Thinkin". This song reached #1 on the list in September of 2003. Watch the music video and check out the lyrics below:

Lyrics for “What Was I Thinkin'”

Becky was a beauty from south Alabama
Her daddy had a heart like a nine-pound hammer
Think he even did a little time in the slammer
What was I thinkin’?She snuck out one night and met me by the front gate
Her daddy came out wavin’ that twelve gauge
We tore out the drive he peppered my tailgate
What was I thinkin’?Oh, I knew there’d be hell to pay
But that crossed my mind a little too late…
’cause I was…[chorus:]
Thinkin’ ’bout a little white tank top sittin’ right
There in the middle by me
I was thinkin’ ’bout a long kiss man just gotta get
Goin’ where a night might lead
I know what I was feelin’
But what was I thinkin’… what was I thinkin’By the county line the cops were nippin’ on our heels
Pulled off the road and kicked it in four-wheel
Shut off the lights and tore through the corn field
What was I thinkin’?

Out the other side she was hollerin’ faster
Took a dirt road and had the radio blastin’
Hit the honky tonk for a little close dancin’
What was I thinkin’?

Oh, I knew there’d be hell to pay
But that crossed my mind a little too late…
’cause I was…

[repeat chorus]

When a mountain of a man with a “born to kill” tattoo
Tried to cut in I knocked out his front tooth
We ran outside hood-slidin’ like bo duke
What was I thinkin’?

I finally got her home at a half past too late
Her daddy’s in a lawn chair sittin’ on the driveway
Put it in park as he started my way
What was I thinkin’, oh what was I thinkin’

Then she gave a come-and-get-me grin
And like a bullet we were gone again… ’cause I was

[repeat chorus]

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