Craig Morgan “I’ll Be Home Soon” Music Video and Lyrics

Craig Morgan “I’ll Be Home Soon” Music Video and Lyrics

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Craig Morgan released a new video for "I'll Be Home Soon," a track from his upcoming new album A Whole Lot More To Me that is due out June 3.

The new music video shows Morgan walking the familiar streets of his hometown of Dickson, Tennessee.   This is a song that many people can related with if you have ever spent time away from loved ones.

The lyrics to “I’ll Be Home Soon” were written by Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones and John King.  Check out the main lyrics to “I’ll Be Home Soon”

“You call me up / You ain’t even gotta say a single word I already know / It’s been one of those days honey / Something’s got ya stirred up / Weighed down like an anchor that you gotta drag around / But I know, just what you need.”


“And I’ll be home soon / To kiss away the world burn your troubles down / I’m gonna make you forget / When I’m holding you / There’s only room for us / Nothing else allowed / Tell all your worries / There ain’t much time left / It’s time to go / Cause I’ll be home soon.”
“Yeah I’m running reds / So I can run my fingers through your hair / Girl I can feel it now / And I’m coming for you honey / You can lay it on me / Every care, baby fall and I’ll be there to catch you / I’m on my way.”

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