Blake Shelton Live On-stage at the iHeartRadio Theater

Blake Shelton Live On-stage at the iHeartRadio Theater

photo: YouTube

Blake Shelton performs several of his recent songs live on stage at the iHeartradio Theater. Watch 7 of his top song performances below:

“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” Duet with Gwen Stefani.   Blake wrote half of this song and Gwen Stefani wrote the other half.

“She’s Got a Way with Words” is created some current controversy as several folks believe these lyrics are aimed at Miranda Lambert.  The song is about a bad break-up and leaves many speculating about his divorce from Miranda.  It should be noted that Blake did not write the lyrics to this song.   He has stated that the “If I’m Honest” album is a direct reflection of what has happened in his life over the last year and the album includes several personal songs.


Blake performs “Sangria” from his “Bringing Back the Sunshine” album.   This song reached #1 on the Country Airplay charts.

“Boys’ Round Here” is from his “Based on a True Story” Album and the song is a celebration of southern life.


Blake performs “Honey Bee” from his album “Red River Blue”

“Came Here to Forget” will be released on his upcoming “If I’m Honest” album

“Friends”  is a song written for his “Angry Birds” movie soundtrack . . .

Blake certainly delivered a great show to the live audience at the iHeartRadio Theater.   His new album “If I’m Honest” releases today and is one of his most personal albums yet.

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