Ashley Monroe Tiny Desk Concert for NPR

Watch Ashley Monroe perform three of her top songs for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series. From the NPR abstract, "This three-song set at the Tiny Desk, performed with the aid of guitarist John Shaw, captures a nice cross-section of Monroe's appeal: The title track from Like a Rose tells an optimistic story of survival, the ambivalent ballad "You Got Me" chronicles ill-advised romantic obsession, and, of course, the Top 40 country hit "Weed Instead of Roses" functions as a playful, fun-loving mission statement. Speaking of "Weed Instead of Roses," which closes this charming performance, Monroe says the straitlaced Gill insisted upon the song's inclusion on Like a Rose — even going so far as to declare it a condition of his producing the album. The guy knew what he was talking about, both in his support of the song and of Monroe herself. --STEPHEN THOMPSON." The Set List includes: "Like A Rose", "You Got Me", and "Weed Instead Of Roses"

photo: YouTube

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